Life is Dysfunctional.

Yes you can change the image in the corner, its 400 x 182, and please retain the link - It took me a long time to do this. Feel free to visit my site!

Life is very dysfunctional, so thats why I made this template. If you don't like that silly <hr> bar, I've changed it to look a small bit stylish!

Simple! Still an horizontal rule, but "pimped up a bit".

Now to the serious stuff. You can quote people over and over and over again using that <blockquote>...

Yes I am watching you - And I'm stealing your brain! :D

Stop being silly!!!

Na.... (Don't over do it, It'll just go wierd)

4 is your maximum.

Or if you are posting some boring code, you should try the <pre> thinghy, as shown here;

You must do this in order to run the program:

Run -> CMD -> Shutdown -r

So there... Thats some of the extras to the site.

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